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Pet Stores

Point of Sale (POS)

A holistic POS software solution integrating your entire pet store business.

Groom your business with the software solution for all your needs

LS Retail can help you through with easily managing your whole business , be it head office, stores, POS, accounting and stock management. Grasp a holistic overview of your operations through an all-in-one software solution. No to mention the easy to use and implement system for which all your staff and customers will be grateful.

All encompassing system for ongoing business activity

Have all your needs met with one software solution. From handling your sales catalogue, ecommerce platform, or retail outlets, LS Retail will do the job. If you feel like you have too many ends to meet and can’t get a grip and feel in control, then LS Retail can make your concerns a thing of the past.

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Proactive financial management

A business without good financial management and planning is like a dog without a leash - it can easily get out of control and allow for potential hazards. Take control of your finances by precisely handling calculations while doing away with paper receipts, manual calculations, tracking of hours, and commissions, just to mention a few. You’ll spend less time calculating payrolls and members of staff can resta ssured they’re paid accurately.

Individual experience for loyal customers

Monitor your visitor activity to support your clients in the best way possible to provide an individual experience according to customer segmentation.  Get to know who your most loyal customers are, learn their shopping behaviour, motivation and inclination to their favourite products, to use as a guide for your purchasing and marketing efforts.

Managing campaigns and offers.

Have all campaigns set up from one central location including their varieties, discounts and offers according to your own choice and needs. Once activated, the system will take care of the rest and apply discounts accordingly when items qualify for it. LS Retail will leave no room for error ensuring no revenue is lost from inappropriately assigning discounts. Keep your customers satisfied and your business activity in check.

Increase efficiency and minimize training costs

LS Retail’s graphic and intuitive system facilitates usability, resulting in less potential time used for staff training purposes as well as more efficiency throughout the day to day processes. Empower your members of staff by providing them directly with the necessary information on their POS, reducing customer service time and fostering independent motivation amongst your employees.

All LS Central POS software solutions include Microsoft's industry leading ERP/accounting software, Dynamics 365 Business Central

Why LS Central Point of Sale?​

Thrive with LS Retail to facilitate all your business operations across all levels and platforms. Improve work and sales processes by benefiting from extensive automation capabilities. Discover more about LS Retail to benefit from increasing revenue and reduce costs for your business.

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