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Travel and Duty free

Point of Sale (POS)

A holistic POS software solution integrating your travel retail business.

Strengthen your operations and increase sales and revenue

Get a whole overview of your inventory so you never end up caught without stock. You don’t have to try hard with LS retail to provide a fast and accurate service, so let our software assist you with having happy customers. From online orders on all devices, to in store or gate pick up, you can be equipped to cater for all your customer’s needs and demands.  All of this is included in one encompassing system tending to all tasks from back office to front service.

Tailored for Duty Free

We know that a duty free retail shop is like no other and that’s why our software includes specific functions especially catering for these needs. As soon as the boarding card and passport data is scanned, the system will automatically fetch the relevant date based on flight information regarding, taxes, refunds, pricing and discounts, grants and limitations as per stipulated criteria, as well as security tamper-evident bags. Our solution also caters for multi-leg boarding cards for in-transit passengers for which rules can be set basing on final destination instead of next-leg destination.