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Travel and Duty free

Point of Sale (POS)

A holistic POS software solution integrating your travel retail business.

Strengthen your operations and increase sales and revenue

Get a whole overview of your inventory so you never end up caught without stock. You don’t have to try hard with LS retail to provide a fast and accurate service, so let our software assist you with having happy customers. From online orders on all devices, to in store or gate pick up, you can be equipped to cater for all your customer’s needs and demands.  All of this is included in one encompassing system tending to all tasks from back office to front service.

Tailored for Duty Free

We know that a duty free retail shop is like no other and that’s why our software includes specific functions especially catering for these needs. As soon as the boarding card and passport data is scanned, the system will automatically fetch the relevant date based on flight information regarding, taxes, refunds, pricing and discounts, grants and limitations as per stipulated criteria, as well as security tamper-evident bags. Our solution also caters for multi-leg boarding cards for in-transit passengers for which rules can be set basing on final destination instead of next-leg destination.

Image by Simon Kadula

Sell fast and sell well

Acquire and retain satisfied customers by being to the point and with impeccable delivery. Be it a store or a restaurant, our software solution provides you with:

  • Providing a swift service

  • Suggesting the right product to your customers with the cross-selling assistance tool

  • Complete product information at each POS

  • Facilitating the process of application of offers and promotions

  • The ability to carry payments, balances and price checks in various currencies

Additional features and criteria can be set to reduce human error, such as setting fast keys for regularly used destinations and setting up caution triggers such as if a customer is exceeding their limits.

Absolute command of your business

Our comprehensive software solution provides you with total visibility over all your business operations through:

  • Personnel administration

  • Inventory management for optimization

  • Leading reports for business planning according to real-time data

  • Enhanced workflow through warehouse modules

  • A system which scales up with your needs as your business grows

Restaurant Tools for Managers

Handle your food court and eatery services with the appropriate tools. Our system enables your diner outlet to:

  • Reduce costs and eliminate waste by ordering the right amount of ingredients

  • Delivering food at a faster pace as orders are directly sent from POS to kitchen personnel

  • Administer bookings and service requests efficiently

  • Alter sales items easily and fast by adding or excluding ingredients at POS

  • Split bills, manage tips and complex payments in different currencies

  • let customers order and pay at the table with mobile POS

Benefits of our software solution:

  • Effectively manage security tamper-evident bags

  • Appropriate administration of offers and promotions

  • Endorsement of different currencies

  • Determine product limitations

  • Provide customers with flexibility and convenience to shop

  • Amplify sales and revenue

All LS Central POS software solutions include Microsoft's industry leading ERP/accounting software, Dynamics 365 Business Central

Why LS Central Point of Sale?​

Thrive with LS Retail to facilitate all your business operations across all levels and platforms. Improve work and sales processes by benefiting from extensive automation capabilities. Discover more about LS Retail to benefit from increasing revenue and reduce costs for your business.

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