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Accounting and Outsourcing

On Point provides accounting outsourcing for fiannce departments, using qualified and highly trained finance professionals.


Back Office Accounting

Lower your costs with outsourced fully-qualified personnel, working within your team, whilst ensuring high levels of performance.

Our outsourcing will increase your time efficiency by making use of a team of qualified finance people who have already been trained to use Business Central hence avoiding staff re-training and support costs. Your company can shift its focus and time on what matters more.

The service does not replace the finance department, but instead will assist the team with time consuming book-keeping tasks. This will give the team more time to focus on more important matters rather than bookkeeping.

Why should your company outsource finance department tasks?

Qualified Personnel

Get fully-qualified personnel to work within your team, whilst ensuring to retain the high levels expected.


Flexible Packages

Increased flexibility with our different packages which will ensure the optimal capacity when required.

Lower Costs

Costs are minimised by avoiding staff re-training and support costs. Focus your time on what and investments in better utilising BC features

Learn more how your company can save time and costs 

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