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RentEase Business Central

Business Central for Real Estate

Manage all data, documents and transactions in one place.  Facilitate communication with tenants to speed up transactions and automate all processes.

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As a lessor, you work with the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and our Real Estate Management module – as well as your brokers. Tenants do not have access to your ERP system.

The license price includes the complex ERP system and the Real Estate Management module.


We are also presenting our portal for tenants, which cooperates with the ERP system, integrated with your Real Estate Management module. It works as an assistant for you and your tenants. It facilitates mutual communication, cooperation and administration.

The access to the portal is granted by you to each tenant and you can withdraw it again at any time.

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What is an
ERP System?

You can imagine an ERP system as the brain of the whole company.

It helps manage all processes, keeps your data and documents up-to-date, and thanks to the automation, it can "think" a number of things for you and save you a big amount of time.


It represents the functions of several different systems at the same time. You can manage accounting, human resources, project and budget planning, financial reporting, but also warehouse or production management using an ERP system. We will tailor it exactly for you, so that it can fully adapt to the operation of your company and make it more efficient.


Do you have a favorite program or application? We can most likely connect it to Business Central.

What are the benefits of ERP solutions?

Easy collaboration

The system links the work of your teams and departments. We will set up the access of individual users exactly as you need.


Always up to date


You always see the data in real time. There is no duplication or work with outdated information.

Mobility & Flexibility


You can access your system anywhere, on any device. All you need is internet connection!

Increased productivity

With Business Central and automation, you will be faster, more accurate, and have time to get more work done.

Integrations & Automations


We can easily connect the ERP system with your favorite tools, so that you can work even more efficiently.


Security & Compliance


We adhere to global regulatory laws and compliance guidelines to make sure your data is secure and compliant at all times

How Can the Real Estate
Management Module
Help you?

It facilitates the broker's job:

  • Offers sample contract settings as well as templates for setting services and prices

  • Suggests the price of rent, services as well as due dates and termination


It helps verify and complete formalities:


  • Checks the validity of the tenant's documents in the database of the concerning Government authorities

  • You can register foreigner tenants and roommates via the system at the Foreign Police - the system then downloads the confirmation and attaches the document to the tenant's card

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Integrates with your Bank

The system automatically understands and downloads different bank statements.

Therefore, tenants can pay to your account and the system automatically matches the tenants' payments and receivables according to the specified rules. For example, by variable currencies, amounts, and bank accounts.

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