Documentation Management

Plenty of ideas, many projects, loads of documents - now all of them in the same place! Share your work and thoughts within one content collaboration software and finish them, update or expand with your team.

Confluence lets you create anything from meeting notes and product requirements to marketing plans and HR policies. Start with a blank page or a customizable template and add some personality with images, videos, and gifs to make your work come to life. Documents are saved on a centralised space accessible to your team members to collaborate and share work.

Create powerful pages

Work better together

Keep it organised

Get a jumpstart with custom company templates

Have your workspace

Get all documentation organised for your team. Confluence provides a seamless workspace for team members to collaborate and share their work together.

When integrated with Jira, tasks can be linked to any pages and documentation, and assigned accordingly to team members. Deadlines, scattered folders and word documents are a thing of the past.

Confluence or Google Drive? 

Trying to find out which solution is best, is entirely dependent on the requirements of users. Confluence and Google Docs, whilst similar in nature, differ greatly when certain requirements come to light. Confluence is typically considered when advanced sharing and complex documents with multiple users working on the same project.

Therefore, we will look at a number of metrics that are useful when comparing the two software solutions and finding which is most suitable.

  • Structure

  • Visibility and Discoverability

  • Creating and Formatting Documents

  • Collaborating on Documents

  • Hosting, Supported Devices

  • Pricing 

Visibility and Discoverability


Confluence gives users various options in terms of visibility and so-called ‘Chinese walls’ between different departments. Therefore, administrators can control who sees what, editing and deletion rights. These controls can be set on spaces, pages, as well as sub-pages, both for users as well as groups of users.  

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