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Jet Reports

Using Report Wizard to Create a Trial Balance Report

This report shows a trial balance for each no. and also the total for all.


Open your excel report and go to the Jet tab.

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You should be able to see all the features. some of the features we will be using are (Design, Run, Jfx, Report options, and Report Wizard).

  1. Navigate to Report Wizard. On the pop-out, fill:

    1. Data Source (your choice)

    2. Company (name of the company you are creating the report for)

    3. Table (On the report you’ll like to create)

2. On filling in the necessary data, click on next and select the fields you’ll be using.

3. Apply Filter if necessary

4. You can group by any column order you want

5. You can sort by any column order you want. e.g. (sort by 'Balance' and choose either Ascending or Descending).

6. Always select mark Balance in Total. It allows you to see the Ground Total.

7. On Format, make sure you mark 'Add basic Excel formatting to the report'.

8. Click on Review to recheck and make sure everything has been selected correctly. Then click Finish.

9. After you click finish, this should pop up.

10. Run the report, and then your report is ready

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