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Handle Complex Construction Projects through One Single System

Move fast, stay aligned, and build better - together

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Agile in Construction using Jira​

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Road Maps

Use the interactive roadmap to try adding epics, mapping work items, dependencies, and releases on a timeline. Road maps keep your teams and stakeholders in sync.

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1. Recruitment

Assign workflows within your team together with your customers

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Jira and Confluence

Accomplish more together. Confluence is your remote-friendly team workspace where knowledge and collaboration meet. 

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Plan and view work in one place
Map dependencies using Jira roadmap

Shared Focus

Track the big pic within in the team.

Stay in sync on progress and priorities.


keep stake holders informed -
Drive comments and Drive discussions on the go

2. Onboarding


Real-time editing

Co-edit together in real time and publish updates that highlight changes tracked with version history.


Make it a team effort with in-line and page comments, likes and visual elements, such as images, GIFs and emojis.


Alert your team mates when you tag them or assign a task so everyone stays ontop of progress.

One single source
of documentation

Best practice templates

Find templates from product requirement documents to marketing plans so you can jump in.

Page Versioning

Track and view the history of changes to each page, compare versions, and revert changes.


Add interactivity to Confluence pages with extra functionality or dynamic content.

Experience the difference.  Join thousands of successful construction PM's who do it the
Jira way

 Trusted by over 40,000 companies worldwide 

3. Operations
Jira for construction.png

Learn more about
Jira for Construction


Jira Service Management

Provide service and support without the cost and complexity of traditional ITSM solutions.

Give a face to your

customer portals

Stop chasing for emails

Ensure better response time



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