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Jira for HR and Recruitment

This HR Management System facilitates team processes and collaboration across different departments saving time and easing workflow fostering efficiency.

What does the Solution consist of?


The recruitment process can be facilitated through the various steps of the recruitment process.

  • Preparing

  • Sourcing

  • Screening

  • Selecting

  • Hiring

At the very end this process can be linked to kick start the automated onboarding processes, facilitating workflow and ensuring a smooth continuation.


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1. Recruitment

Onboarding Process

The onboarding workflow manages pre-employment checks, employee details and help set up the necessary accesses.

Offer Acceptance

  • Schedule an induction meeting

  • Contract Documentation

  • NDAs

  • Employment Documents

Induction & Orientation

  • Notify and coordinate with involved teams and departments

  • Provide employee with equipment (laptop, mobile etc.)

  • Provide employee with access (emails, task management system etc.)

  • Organize records and training materials

  • Communicate with clients


  • Provide employee with necessary training

  • Monitor and follow ongoing development

2. Onboarding

HR Operations

Set Employee Objectives & Key Results


Set objectives and key results within the system for a continuous update and monitoring of the tasks.

  • Company, Team & Individual OKRs

  • Set-Track-Achieve, Classify Objectives by initiatives

  • Auto-track progress of Objectives by linking Jira issues

  • Align all levels of OKRs

Performance Reviews


Nurture a sense of continuation supported with a log of work the individuals and teams have worked on throughout the year without the need for extra effort. Let the system keep track!

  • Fully flexible Form Builder

  • Easy access for team members and managers

3. Operations

Consolidated Calendars

Integrate and sync calendar events, tasks and work processes facilitate the creation of  timesheets and easily keeping track of key results.

Leave Management

Easily manage leave requests and plan ahead through the system.

Continuous Feedback

Facilitate communication through continuous feedback nurturing collaboration across teams and individuals.

  • Give, Request Feedback on an issue or independently

  • Use continuous feedback as a reference in review forms

Document Read Confirmations

Help your team follow through and keep up with the necessary documents and keep track of who read the documents. Ideal for team member onboarding, ensuring HR policies are read or communicating software requirements to developers.​

Offboarding Process

For the offboarding process, HR workflows provides teams with complete visibility.

Managing the Resignation Process

  • Document the contract termination

  • Schedule an exit interview

  • Notify involved teams

  • Communicate with clients

Paperwork Prep

  • Review contracts and NDAs

  • Prepare compensation, benefits and tax document

Handover Process

  • Find a replacement

  • Establish training needs

  • Prepare required documentation for handoff


Account Termination

  • Limit employee access

  • Change passwords

  • Notify teams involved

  • Remove employee from company meetings and events

4. Offboarding
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