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Point of Sale (POS)

A holistic POS software solution integrating your entire electronics retail business.

Know what your customers want and give them what they need

Our special ordering management solution increases customer satisfaction. Members of staff can order products which are not in stock right from the POS, which will then be shipped to your location from the warehouse or directly from the manufacturer. Orders can also be quickly and simply done through as per customers' preferences. 

Easy search and checkout via mobile

Sales staff can easily use stationary and mobile POS devices to search for technical and other product information. This provides for a personalized and satisfactory service as your clients truly deserve, making electronics retailers more efficient and cost-effective. 

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No need for warranty receipts

Trace your products by using barcodes, general product descriptions, or alternate descriptive identifiers. Your inventory management can be improved permitting your staff to track serial numbers of electronics goods.  Returns and warranty lookups are simplified through the use of serial numbers.  

Effective inventory management

Real time data allows retailers to have detailed insight of their stock, helping them make informed inventory decisions. LS Retail’s predictive analytic tools help to increase precise sales and profits and ensure efficiency.

Marketing and loyalty app

Knowledge is power and it is very much the same with your customers. With LS Retail your sales staff can have quick and easy access to customer purchasing history to provide a personalized service experience. Connect with your customers through meaningful recommendations to help you increase upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Concurrently, LS Omni mobile loyalty solution can help you target customers with tailored offers and promotions and deliver a personal and highly engaging mobile experience directly at their finger tips.

Let stock-outs and overstock be a thing of the past

LS Retail has the ideal replenishment system for electronics stores. Reach out to discover them and let us assist you through with making the most of of them depending on your particular needs.

All LS Central POS software solutions include Microsoft's industry leading ERP/accounting software, Dynamics 365 Business Central

Why LS Central Point of Sale?​

Thrive with LS Retail to facilitate all your business operations across all levels and platforms. Improve work and sales processes by benefiting from extensive automation capabilities. Discover more about LS Retail to benefit from increasing revenue and reduce costs for your business.

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