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Point of Sale (POS)

A holistic POS software solution integrating your entire furniture retail business.

All-in-one solution from warehouse to showroom

The fully integrated retail software solution, can help your furniture business overcome present day and future challenges. Streamlining your operation from warehouse to Point of Sale terminals will help you increase your margins, attract new generations of customers and transform them into loyal ambassadors of your brand. 

Inventory management and control

Sync up orders and operations with real time updates providing you with an accurate overview of everything that is happening in your furniture business. Thanks to LS Retail, you can easily and quickly manage current inventory and out-of-stock items, to calculate the optimum stock replenishment. Unreliable data due to manual entries will be a thing of the past as human error is minimized. 

Image by Simon Kadula

Custom-made orders

Special or customized ordering can be complex, yet it can be eased with a user-friendly POS interface. Let your customers choose specifics to fulfill their personal needs and desired specifics for their furniture - from colour, materials, styles and combinations suiting them best. Handling orders is made is with our powerful software so you can provide your customers with an exceptional shopping experience.

Multi-channel experience

Your consumers are everywhere and so should you! Present and future furniture consumers are tech-savvy, they’re online and expect a seamless multichannel shopping experience. Stay competitive and gain new generations of customers with our furniture retail software solutions. With our Mobile POS solution , the interaction between your staff and your customers is facilitated allowing for a dynamic and user-friendly environment. Additional features include loyalty portals and “click & collect” possibility.

Easy buying

Have your customer’s information and purchase history at the tip of your hand to easily identify different customer profiles that can be used to create specific offers and promotions. Track customer loyalty and link to tailor-made rewards and promotions including social information, purchase behavior and more.

Comprehensive view of your business at Flexible yet automated pricing

Benefit from a holistic view of your company and operations. Be covered from head to back office, POS and e-commerce, all through a single fully integrated platform. Set multiple prices for your furniture items that can be valid on different dates and periods, also applicable to specific stores, customers or both.

All LS Central POS software solutions include Microsoft's industry leading ERP/accounting software, Dynamics 365 Business Central

Why LS Central Point of Sale?​

Thrive with LS Retail to facilitate all your business operations across all levels and platforms. Improve work and sales processes by benefiting from extensive automation capabilities. Discover more about LS Retail to benefit from increasing revenue and reduce costs for your business.

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