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Restaurants and Food Services

Point of Sale (POS)

An all-in-one POS software solution for restaurants to cater for your needs whether it’s casual or fine dining.

Efficient table service

Our user friendly and quick to use POS system helps you give your guests a fast an effective service through quick order taking and mobile POS terminals. Data is instantly transferred from the POS to the kitchen display to ensure quick and precise service. Modifications can also be done to cater for the customer’s desired recipes or deals.

Unique orders

Catering for special requests has never been easier.  Our all-in one software solution enables your customers to forward their requests directly to the kitchen staff so there is no room for error when dealing with dietary or allergy requests, ensuring that the right information has reached the chef.

Image by Simon Kadula

Order, transfer and pay easy

Split bill? No problem! Orders or parts of the orders can be transferred between different tables or restaurant sections easily and quickly. Customers can contain orders from both the bar and their dining table, simply and without the risk of errors. Orders can even be transferred between different restaurants.

Get your kitchen and floor staff connected

Display order status for each table and set warnings in case of delays. The easy to use graphical interface enables you to cater for your customers accurately. Facilitate your management by having an error-free environment even if having the largest restaurant floor. Keep track of your customers and bookings to handle them professionally.

Precise table handling

Table and guest management doesn’t have to be complicated. Through the use of our intuitive visuals and displays, information on the status of each dining table is displayed. Different colours show different status such as availability, preparation progress, number of guests registered and which staff members are currently serving which tables,.

Plan your meals easily

Create menus with our software solution which can then be shared from the central office throughout the business, down to every PO. With our centralized system, planning and purchases have never been so easy. Highly customizable meals can be made valid for specific days only or in particular establishments. The intuitive system also assists with calculating the right amount of ingredients needed to purchase and produce your meals.

All LS Central POS software solutions include Microsoft's industry leading ERP/accounting software, Dynamics 365 Business Central

Why LS Central Point of Sale?​

From stand-alone POS system to an all encompassing restaurant management system, you can enhance your operations and effortlessly claim control over your business activities form one central location. Let our software solution help you thrive to excel in your industry.

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