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Atlassian has acquired ThinkTilt!

Thrilled to announce that Atlassian has acquired ThinkTilt! ThinkTilt was founded to provide tools to every team in organizations using the Atlassian suite. The outcome is ProForma, an integrated form builder that allows teams to deliver exceptional service experiences even faster. Facilitating processes to improve efficiency, has always been a priority for Atlassian and this is how ProForma will complement the Atlassian suite.

What is ProForma?

Truth be told, filling forms is not the most exciting part of the job. Nonetheless, forms play an important role and are required to provide a consistent framework. ProForma enables teams to easily create forms and fields to capture the required information. Teams create forms that suggest the specific information needed. Customers then fill in these forms when making a request on the customer portal. Through intuitive and user-friendly forms, the flow of data collection is improved and this helps expectations to be set and met. Good data collection subsequently improves the service inspiring confidence and the brand’s reputation.

How does it work?

ProForma empowers teams to control the way they collect information in Jira issues; build and design forms based on business needs, and collect specific, structured, validated data without custom fields. Proforma is compatible with Jira Service Management, Jira Core and Jira Software, ProForma removes the necessity of creating custom fields. It also works across Cloud, Server and Data Center.

Imagine an employee needing to request a purchase order. Through ProForma, the data used to fill in the purchase order request can be pre-populated in a Jira task assigned to the involved personnel. This integration facilitates processes and communication making life easier for all teams and departments involved in the process from start to end.

Main Functions and Benefits

Easily build forms and checklists: teams are empowered to create the forms which are relevant to them and their customers. Practicality and efficiency are increased as teams create familiar forms, easing communication with customers and gathering information that truly matters. Allowing teams to build and update forms minimizes the unnecessary burden on Jira admins.

Improve issues: Forms can be polished up to prompt users in submitting all the required and relevant data. Functions such as validation, dynamic fields, hints and examples, all help with ameliorating user experience and team’s workflow.

Reduce custom fields: Performance can be improved and administration simplified by using fewer custom fields as Jira custom fields are not required in a ProForma form.

Automation, Validation and Dynamic Fields: Ensure data is complete through form validation. Add forms to issues, transition issues or prevent transitions through automation rules. Make life easier and let the forms do the work.

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