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Excel your Reporting

If you work in a role involving data analysis and crunching, then perhaps, Microsoft Excel appears in your top 3 go-to spreadsheets for working with data. From my experience as a Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central consultant, an example of a role that loves playing with data is the accountant role, and this love for data is powered by the Excel tool that they all fancy using. I could exclaim at this point that "accountants love Excel so much" and they would agree with me anywhere in the world. 

Spreadsheets equip accountants with the power to tell a story from the data analyses. Stories provide an illustration of a fact or just an opinion. Stories also arouse curiosity, picture a child listening to tales, by the moonlight, being told by a granny. You have the power to tell the most insightful stories when you have the right tools. 

You can harness the combined power of Microsoft Excel and Jet Report to tell even better stories. Here is what I mean, budget figures cease to be just 'numbers', but instead could become insights to improving the livelihood of employees, reducing carbon emissions thereby saving the planet, etc. 

Jet Report delivers complete data access and control from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central ERP through which complex reports can be created without the need for technical resources, or data expertise. This solution puts the power in your hands to tell more insightful stories. To a company, Jet offers advanced reporting across multiple data sources with automated consolidations, flexible report formatting capability, scheduling, collaboration, report version management, and a web portal to access your Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central data anywhere. 

Perhaps, you are wondering how to create a report in Excel. Jet is an extension to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central ERP, which gives users a simple way to create reports and business queries inside Microsoft Excel.  You will notice the newly added Jet tab in the ribbons below. 

Jet presents a very familiar reporting environment for accountants, Excel. As your reporting needs change, you have the power to create, modify and update reports in line with your own requirements.

This makes;

  • Corporate business reporting quick and easy. You will begin to gain valuable insights from day one. 

  • Business reporting more accurate. You will be able to avoid discrepancies that can impact the bottom line. 

  • Missing month-end reporting deadlines a thing of the past.

So, if your reporting processes are negatively affecting your bottom line, i.e. if your most valuable resources are spending too much time copying and pasting in order to compile and reconcile the information they need, or you are always having issues with the reported inaccuracy, then Jet report will most definitely put the power to tell more insightful stories back in your hands.

Interested to learn more? Join our free webinars whereby Stephen Abela, expert in the field, will be explaining the benefits of using Jet reports for;

  • Inventory Management

  • Finance Departments

  • VAT Analysis

  • Sales

  • Banks


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