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SAP Business One vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Which ERP Software?

Choosing the right accounting software is not an easy task. To be honest, it doesn't happen that often, and very few of us can actually experience ERP software changeovers that often. It's certainly a decision that's not to be taken lightly and any hastened decisions will not lead to any good. Having said that, we still need to define the features which we are to look for when choosing the right system.

In this comparison, we have opted to put this into practice by comparing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and SAP Business One. Both systems are hugely popular and both of them have a couple of strong areas, thus we will go through the main factors which shape our thinking process:

  • Features - Features are pivotal in the decision making of any ERP/accounting software as they enable customisations to meet your industry requirements.

  • Flexibility - We won't be implementing an accounting system every other year, thus flexibility is a key matter

  • Cost - Cost is crucial as ultimately it all boils down to our Income Statement and Profitability

  • Scalability - Whilst no business starts off as a conglomerate still each one of us has that hope, or maybe just a spark of it, that one day the business will grow like hundred times its current operations.

  • Usability - The success of any accounting software implementation is highly dependant upon the user's feedback.

  • Reporting - The usefulness of the system is heavily dependant onto the level of information which may be extracted out of the sheer raw data which is recorded over the months or years.

​Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

​SAP Business One




​Multiple languages and currencies


Industry-specific Modules


Inventory Management



​Job/Time Management


​Smart CRM


​Banking & Automated Reconciliations


Automated Reporting



Numerous flexible tools and features with user-friendly and web-based UI

Standardized and conventional features with comparatively complicated UI




User-friendly UX/UI


Support Devices

​Desktop, Mobile, Tablets, and Cloud

Desktop, Mobile, Tablets, and Cloud


​All business sizes across multiple countries and domains.

​Small and Medium-size Enterprises


​Custom Dashboards and Analytics



​Custom invoice templates


​Custom reporting




Seamlessly syncs with other Microsoft applications, and is also compatible with third-party solutions

Users need to rely primarily on third-party and SAP applications

Intergrates with third-party apps



Integrates seamlessly to all Microsoft 365 Apps


Add-on Marketplace

More than 750

Around 40


Transparent monthly and one-time payment options, along with quote based costing


​Flexible Pricing - Subscription based per user per month







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