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Turn off Excel! Analytics mode is already in Business Central

We have some good news to share with all Business Central users. Microsoft has introduced an Analytical Mode that will make work easier for you. Now you can analyse the data directly within the selected page, without exporting files.

Although Business Central is a versatile ERP system, more comprehensive data analysis and reporting were possible only in external systems. You can now use your data in the system for calculations, an overview, and other functions that will solve your daily agenda. The pivot tables you know from Excel are finally available directly in your ERP system. You can compare customers based on their purchases, suppliers by price or country, and even invoices by dimensions.

Safe Data

Instead of the traditional report, where you only set parameters and filters, this feature offers the option of multiple cards where you can pick different inputs and compare available information more easily without complex switching. Another advantage is that any activity in data analysis mode does not change the information or its distribution within the original file. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any irreversible changes.

Turn on The New Feature

Please note that the data analysis mode is currently in the Preview version. If you want to start using it, please get in touch with your administrator. If you happen to be the administrator of your account, you can enable the mode on the Feature Management page by enabling the Data Analysis feature.

For more information, you can visit the official Microsoft page. After enabling it, you will find that in the data analysis mode, the page is divided into two parts. The main part is where all data and card summaries are, and the data editing part, is where columns with filtering parameters are located.


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