Save your time and money and entrust the management 
of your travel expences and VAT recovery with VAT4U
Europe's first automated VAT refund platform. 

It calculates net, VAT and refundable amounts with knowledge
of more than 2 000 VAT rules from many countries

Both for companies or freelancers, and for VAT specialists.

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VAT4U gives you...


Easily view how much money you can get back – by country, company or period. You can also sort and filter list of invoices and choose a currency in which you want to see the cashback.


The system automatically calculates the net, VAT and refundable amounts based on laws of specific country. Faster, wiser and cheaper than the best VAT specialist in the world. 

 Easy administration

Simply import your data from travel expense management tool, or drag scans of your invoices and input gross amount. The system will do the rest. You can also export data in CSV or Excel.

Correctness check

No more doubts if your invoices are compliant and ready to be injected into a VAT claim.
The system knows when something is wrong and asks you to double-check irregularities.

 Access anytime, anywhere

No more paperwork and loss of refund potential! VAT4U aplication for pc and mobile helps you automatically refund your VAT. Mobile aplication also provides you with many extra functions!


Your data is safe with VAT4U
– following EU regulation, stored on a secured server, located in Germany.

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