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G/L Dimension Overview in NAV

This document is a quick reference guide on how to use G/L Dimension Overview in General Ledger Entries.

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How to find

Please open General Ledger Entries using the search box on the top right corner.

How to use

First of all, you should use the standard filtering function to see only general ledger entries you need. For example, entries posted last month to the cost accounts.

Flitering by Dimension values

As all dimensions cannot be filtered as standard fields, you can use the Set Dimension Filter button for. This is function especially programmed for filtering General Ledger Entries by dimension values.

In order to open it, please click on Entry, then on Set Dimension Filter…

Choose dimension code and value, you want to see only. Below is what your window should look like.

You can, of course, add more than one filter here.

For example, I’ve made my filter show only small businesses.

The general ledger entries are now filtered also by dimension values, you have chosen, see the picture below.

You can also delete individual filters by clicking X on them, or delete all filters by clicking Reset filters.

When you are satisfied with data you have filtered out, you can continue to the Dimension Overview.

Dimension overview

In order to open the Dimension overview, click on Entry, then on G/L Dimension Overview.

Then click on Show Matrix.

You can see now General Ledger Entries and their Dimension Values in one page.

For a deeper analysis of the data, you can send lines to the excel via the share button.

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