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How to use and create Account Schedules

This document helps you understand how to create and use Accounts Schedules. They are used to arrange listed accounts in the chart of accounts into groups that provide information to company management. You can use these arranged groups of accounts for analysis of your business such as cash flow, profit calculation, the profitability of departments etc.

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Account Schedules

  • To create a new Account schedule: type Financial Reports in the Search Box and click on the related link

In the Home tab, click on New

Fill in Name, Description and Row Definition

If there is no predefined Row Definition or if you want to create a new one, on the Home tab in the Process action group click on Edit Column Definition.

Click on the dropdown next to the Name of Column Layout

On the Home tab click on New and fill in the Name and Description

To edit information choose the Column Layout you want to edit and click on Edit Column Definition in the Process action group.

To continue in the Financial Reports setting navigate back to Financial Report Names. On the Home tab, in the Process action group click on Edit Financial Report to start defining rows of Financial Report.

Fill in the rows with accounts you want to group, they are listed in the chart of accounts

Example of completed Financial report for Cashflow

To print a completed Financial report, on the Home in the Report action group click on Print

On the top row, you can choose if you want to print it or save it to your computer

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