Creating An Easy-to-use Yet Powerful Project Management Solution

During this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), Google’s CEO famously said …“All companies are software companies” now more than ever companies have to accept that their work must adapt as rapidly as the technology we are using to achieve results.

“All companies are software companies”

Fragmented software is a serious business issue that many companies face, one that many never overcome. Over the years, teams with specific data needs create their own systems using databases and spreadsheets, however do not have any integration with other software solutions. While this might offer a solution in the near term, it eventually isolates information from other processes. Duplication of work, inaccuracies, incomplete data become inevitable as the business continues to grow and manual processes that were once viable become nearly impossible to maintain.

Addons play a big part of Jira’s solution. Implementing an addon which can use existing data and build on it is an invaluable resource that will ensure all users have access to the latest data. Integration is a big part of the Jira, a software suite designed around the concept of integration. Here is a list of the main Addons that integrate with Jira;

Tempo (timesheets)

Tempo Timesheets makes time tracking in Jira easy and accurate. Easily integrable with Google Docs to facilitate data input for end users.

Quick reports in seconds and drill down on elements to get the detailed information you need. Managers may review and approve timesheets, either individually or in bulk.

Analyse high-level information of work performed across your business. Create custom accounts for all customers or cost centres within your organization. Categorize accounts as Billable, Non-Billable, CAPEX or OPEX.

The Tempo cloud mobile app is available for cloud versions and can connect to google calendar.

Tempo Planner

A tool to access an overview of all team members, based on users and roles, to find available resources. The planner gives each user to save and share reports, managers the ability to plan and approve work or request resources from other teams. Furthermore, the Add on integrates with Tempo Timesheets seamlessly in order to account for vacancies, holidays, flexible employee work hours and distributed teams.

Find available resources

Filters can be used to find team members based on team, role or user. Planning and approval functionality

Maximize team capacity

Get a detailed breakdown of team capacity in real time, including the allocation and availability of each team member. Make sure you are not over allocating team members and estimate future resources needs at a glance.

Jira Service Management

Dynamic Fields configuration

Create Dynamic Fields for request types. Copy whole configurations or single fields between request types. Both system and custom fields are available.

Short and tailored request forms on the Portal