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How to reduce Jira Service Management costs by 90%?

Jira Service Management is an excellent tool providing loads of key features, however, two key issues forced us into looking towards other solutions:

  • the license cost

  • the users working on separate projects

In a work environment which is increasingly dynamic and flexible, we wanted to have a solution which caters for fluid teams whilst delivering a more cost-conscious solution.   We have managed to reach both targets through the Helpdesk for Jira a solution which we have opted for internally as well.  By integrating the power of project management in Jira together with the customer portal which is still available to the end client we have managed to give access to the clients and their queries to all the team rather than simply a couple of users manning the service desk.  The client is tired of having to go through a number of persons to get an answer, and we wanted to a more direct and flexible approach.  

Although Jira Service Management provided excellent tools to manage our client relations, a more appealing solution came to hand, The Helpdesk for Jira. Apart from allowing multiple users to work on separate projects, this add-on instantly saves you 90% of your software expenses!

Drop your software expenses by 90% with JIRA HelpDesk, a fast, easy and efficient customer support software customised for your team.

At a workplace with fluid teams and increasingly dynamic growth, we managed to migrate to this solution internally. By integrating Jira’s power of project management together with the customer portal, we have accomplished to directly forward clients and their queries to respective department teams, thus bypassing the customer service, previously acting as a middle man.

Allowing for UI and layout customizability, this provides a more familiar and direct service for the users, avoiding the delay and the trouble of having to stand by for their answers. Moreover, the clients have full visibility of the tickets raised and are able to follow up by getting feedback and posting comments, allowing them to view the entire progress, completing one status at a time. Such functionalities as the ability to swiftly turn a comment to a new issue and similar issue suggestions for a faster solution are also encompassed within this package. This complex yet affordable module permits every Jira User to benefit from these advantages since Jira User can also be agents with one global license.

Meanwhile On Point will be organising a free webinar where we will be going through every detail of HelpDesk for Jira.

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