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Jira vs ClickUp - Which Task Management Software?

Every day we are faced with so many decisions. Some decisions flow more naturally while we might need to give some thought to others. While Jira is the natural choice to many in the industry, we thought of easing the decision-making process for those who are still wondering. We know you value your money and so do we! Hereunder is a comparison of Jira and Click Up, along with all the reasons for making the natural choice.



Desktop and Mobile Apps



Boards and Backlogs









Hierarchy of Tasks/Subtasks



​Countless automations


Custom fields


Marketplace for App Integrations





Click up over Jira?

Great UX design - Looks matter but why not have the best of both worlds? Clickup is easy to interact with because of the simplified interface. Having a user friendly experience is indeed enticing. However it can also be limiting. The UI design of Click up is a work in progress. Click up’s tagline of ‘one app to replace them all’ is not particularly clear to users, since Clickup is yet to introduce a clear navigation scheme.

What Click up Lacks

  • Marketplace loaded with apps and integrations - Jira has a marketplace which includes thousands of apps and integrations so users can customize Jira for their exact way of working.

  • Products tailored for a specific use case - Jira offers versions for any business in any industry.

  • Comprehensive Agile reporting - Jira Software comes with over a dozen agile reports out of the box, capable of generating reports with just a click.

  • Flexible workflows - Jira gives teams the autonomy to design their own workflows

  • Smart filtering and search - Jira Software’s filtering and search is backed by machine learning and JQL (Jira Query Language), where you can look up anything with Jira’s smart filtering and search, getting results in seconds.

  • Support - No quick reply from the team on the chat. With Jira, you get response instantly and your issue will be resolved within 5 minutes of it being raised

Why Jira is better than Clickup?

Jira Software is open and integrated

Unlike Clickup, we believe there is no one app to rule them all. Jira can be tailored to the needs of your team easily; Jira software for your software team, Jira work management for your business team and Jira service management for your IT and ops team, matching the exact needs of your team by combining flexible workflows with our thousands of apps and integrations.

Jira offers plenty of customizability unlike Clickup. Jira provides users with unlimited out-of-the-box Reliable automations, 255 custom fields, ability to display a combination of up to 20 reports and charts on a single screen, ability to create and edit screens and many other reliable customizable features that puts Jira ahead of click up.

Jira gives users the ability to visualize projects and their goals using different views

Team members can better understand plans, commit to tasks and understand how their work fits in with the big picture.

  • Calendar View

  • List View

  • Roadmap/Gantt Chart

  • Board

It works for different types of users. Jira software can be used by developers, project managers, engineers, managers, and other non-tech business professionals. Integrate with popular third party services, Integrate with Hipchat and Slack Issue and project tracking software, integrate with many popular third-party software.

Fully loaded Free Plan

Jira's free plan gives you access to almost every feature for up to 10 users with no strings attached. Jira doesn't rely on frustrating feature limitations to force you to upgrade.

Developer and Agile/Scrum Expertise

The software provides a single view of all user stories and generates the needed reports for various sprints. Sprint burndowns, sprint velocity, and more can be generated. Users can organize tickets into sprints and releases, and also monitor the workload and task assignments of the team.


Jira’s Solutions to Clickup's Problems

Clickup lacks time management

It's difficult to control the time you focus on an activity. Jira provides numerous apps and integrations that alert you about the time spent on a specific activity. Because there are so many options, it makes it intimidating to use and can be confusing at times because you don't know where to start. Jira provides users with many options too, however these options are simple and clear cut. Moreover, you have 24/7 Hr support from the Jira team. Replying via email sometimes does not work so users need to use discord for communication. Jira’s email response are immediate so clients can do more in a short period of time. Too complex for an individual's needs, sometimes illogical, and a terrible android app is the icing on the cake. All Jira’s apps have stood the test of time and provide the best services to its clients. Occasional errors when trying to make a new list and could not find any documentation about the error online. Jira has a lot resources in its Atlassian marketplace that addresses potential problems users might face. Moreover there is a 24/7 team always around to support you.

Overwhelming uncategorised features and options

Bottom line

Through the use of Jira along with the service provided by On Point Ltd. your needs will be catered to accordingly. Our implementation and customer support services ensure a convenient and accessible experience, which is user friendly because it specifically caters to your particular needs.


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