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On Point Is Now Automating Payables With Fyorin

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It might sound too good to be true yet it is true indeed. We are thrilled to announce that On Point has partnered with Fyorin to integrate your financial system with online banking transactions. This power duo has been developed with care as a crucial solution for our esteemed clients. So what is Fyorin for Business Central?

In the competitive world, we are living, businesses must operate cross-border which means that finance teams must interact with multiple financial institutions. This brings several challenges for finance teams, one of them being the management of treasury across different financial providers, maintaining different relationships with banks and continuously sourcing for the right financial providers tailored for their business needs, with less transactional cost. This is putting pressure on finance teams since it continues to add up the manual workload around payments operations. And as the business scales, operational costs also increase.

Fyorin's solution solves this challenge. It developed a payments and financial operations platform that seamlessly automates the receivables and payables for a business, across a curated network of Financial Institutions. With Fyorin, 90% of the manual workload around payment operations will be removed, and a business can scale globally, while the financial operations team remains the same size. Some of the products it offers apart from the automation of Account Payables and Receivables with Business Central are; Multi-currency accounts with dedicated IBANS to send and receive payments globally like local (SEPA, ACH, SWIFT), Corporate Virtual Cards to better control online spending and earn cash back on every purchase, sub-accounts that enable businesses to segregate their receivables to speed up reconciliation.

With over twenty years of experience in implementing ERP software, On Point, is committed to provide the best business software solutions while staying abreast of opportunities. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 is a business management solution embracing inventory management, sales and marketing, service management, human resources, manufacturing, retail, project management and finance management. It is a one software solution for everything which can be accessed from wherever you are thanks to this mobile solution. Customisation is fundamental to meet all your business needs and On Point is dedicated to create your entire ERP/accounting solution to cater for your particular necessities.

A natural match?

Every business has its own story and with every story come along circumstances and needs which are particular to the business in question. In such a diverse environment, working on a case-by-case basis is not only necessary, but it is also essentially a strength, for what’s better than having all your needs met? Fyorin for Business Central is a built-in integrated solution that connects your existing ERP Business Central to Fyorin. The application integrates your financial system into online banking transactions. Tailored to companies' needs and adapting the latest technology makes this integrated solution a must for your Business Tech Solutions Portfolio. The integration has been designed to automate the Accounts Payables, from synchronizing vendor information, supporting multicurrency bank accounts, to making faster payment transactions in real-time. This allows for more accuracy between your Finance and Banking without the need to log into your bank account to perform payments. Users will still be working on their familiar pages in Business Central and with a one-time simple setup, they can have the information mirrored in Fyorin automatically.

In awareness of the benefits and flow brought about by Fyorin’s integrated solution, it was inevitable for On Point to partner with Fyorin and embark on this journey. This collaboration helps you be smarter with your payment operations by automating such workload.

🔔 Your phone beeps. Again? You’re invited for this match to start freeing your time, today! Book a demo now to see how this integration can start helping your business.


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