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Racism - Where Do We Stand?

Our mission and vision, as a software company, are what we want our company to become in the future and the core values we believe in, equality and equity on all fronts.  In my previous blog post, we have outlined our intention from the very start to go international, why we have immediately started looking beyond our shores and ventured in Africa, a continent which usually European companies shy away from. 

It's a decision taken based on numbers, as we believe that the African market is an emerging market and has huge potential but it's also the result of a vision which we have embedded within us, the vision that we are all equal and we are to work together.  Opposite to many other players in our field, we have never looked at Africa as our back-office but instead as another branch which performs the same quality service we pride ourselves on.  Africa is not our ancillary department but another front of the company through which we want to provide an enhanced service in conjunction with our colleagues in Malta and the Czech Republic.

It's with this spirit in mind and mindset that we want to clearly state that we are against all forms of racism.  With the current round of news about the killing of George Floyd, we opted to take this opportunity to use our company as a platform to promote equality and have a united front against racism.  As a company, we don't measure our achievements in terms of money but instead, we look at our operations and employees as the company's most important assets, as one team and not minding different skin colour, backgrounds and cultures.  

We are not special, we just opt to constantly work hard against all forms of racism and instead promote the basic idea that we are all equal no matter what. STAND UP AGAINST RACISM


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