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Search Methodologies - Modify Your Search Results

This blog is a continuation of our first blog about Search Methodologies where we explored different research methodologies available within Jira.

In this article, we will be exploring ways and means to save search results. The final results from our previous article was a list of records which would have been produced by the system.  These results will be displayed in what is known as the issue navigator, as per shown in the image here below. The user may want to utilise the data provided or else get more information in relation to one of the entries (issue) which would have resulted.  The actions available will be described here below.

  1. Filter Panel: one can click on the << button in order to collapse the filter panel so that one could have more space in the details view

  2. Issue: the user can select an issue from this panel to see all the details in the details view window.

  3. Filters: All the saved filters could be found in this section. one could select and utilised to see all the matching issues.

  4. Views: This button is used to switch the view between the detail view and the list view.

  5. Detail View: one would use the detail view to check all the necessary detailed in the issue in the search results.

Show/HIde columns: Click Columns, choose the desired columns, then click Done.

Move a column: Click the column name and drag it to the desired position.

Changing your view of the search results

List view or Detail view:

To switch between the list and the details view one would need to click the

 and choose the appropriate view accordingly.

List View: This option shows the search results as a list of issues. This view makes it easier for the user to scan and would be the best option when little details are required.

Detail View: On the other hand this option returns a list of issues, with the right panel showing all the details of the selected issue. when more detailed information is needed to form the search results this would be the best option to choose.

Change the sort order:

To change the ordering criteria of the issues one would need to click onto the column name, by which the list is to be ordered.  if the same column name is multiple times at one go the sort order would switch between ascending and descending.Note: The user cannot sort any on the columns that has their name starting with ''

Columns — show/hide and move

One can create different column configurations which may be assigned for different filtering criteria. In Order to switch between different column configurations, one would need to click Columns and select one of the following tabs.

My Defaults: This is the user's default column configuration for the search result

FIlter: When this is enabled if the users are viewing the search results for a filter, it will override the user's default column configuration.

System: This option only shows up if the user is a JIRA administrator. This column configuration applies to all users. Note that this will be overridden by a user;s default column configuration and filter-specific configurations.The user can also modify any of these configurations. one need to make sure he/she has switched to the desired configuration, then follow the below steps:


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