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Wait! What? You are still on NAVISION?

David Onyendi CPMP, ITIL Senior Consultant at On Point Ltd - Nigeria

Now, this is for my Nigerian demography. Back in the days, I mean since as far back as 2009, quite a number of Nigerian businesses have been implementing and using Microsoft Dynamics NAV aka Navision.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV was easy to fast and easy to implement, ensuring that businesses got started up and began running with it. Till today businesses in the automobile, food & drug manufacturing, construction & projects, health, hospitality, retail and distribution industries, etc in Nigeria are using Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

It’s 2020 and technology has continued to improve. Microsoft has given a road map on the future of its ERP offering. In fact, it is RIP to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and hello to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

So I will ask again, this time with more shock in my eyes, “wait, what? You are still using Navision?.”

Here are 3 reasons why you should move to Business Central.

You can start from where you are and scale up on your digital transformation journey Yes, I get it! You see the need to change, you desire a modern workplace with modernized business applications. A workplace that empowers employees and optimizes operations.

I mean, but you are so far back in technology, you still run on that old windows server, or you’re not cloud-ready, your team is not agile enough, or perhaps you have not been paying for yearly business enhancements, etc. I get it, and there could more issues, for example, reporting is not comprehensive, relevant, and user friendly, or is that some data has to be manually punched in, or you are unable to make informed decisions because insights and data analytics are not adequate, etc.

I understand these problems and there is a way out. Start from where you are. Business central comes in both cloud as SaaS (software as a service) and on-premise and can be accessed via mobile, tablet, and PC via a browser. Business Central is still built for mid-market organizations and it offers great value. It combines extensive accounting and project accounting functionality with sales & customer service, supply chain management, and inventory and manufacturing. You get all these features you need at a reasonable price.

Trust me, Business Central is also quick to implement, and with an experienced Microsoft Dynamics partner, you are sure that there is no data loss in between the transition from Navision to Business Central.

It is smarter, easier to use

Navision has been classified as a back-office process application. In 2020, you should say bye-bye to “just a back-office process” app and say hello to Business Central with artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning (ML). Business Central is delivering on its promises of flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

If you already use Navision, Dynamics 365 Business Central offers rich new features alongside its suite of capabilities. Its user interface (UI) is cleaner and can be personalized for each user, you have automated bank reconciliations, use the device camera to capture documents for optical character recognition (OCR), and so much more.

You do not have to come to the office location to work all the time. You can access Business Central from your PC, your smartphone (IOS, Android), or from your tablet (IOS, Android, Windows) through your internet browser or from the Business Central App.

Integrations! Integrations! Integrations!

Business Central is easily integrated with Microsoft Office – Outlook, Excel, Word, etc. It does not stop there, you can access the Microsoft Appsource to install more apps to connect with your ERP. There are over 2000 apps choose from in the Appsource, and Microsoft makes it easy to build new integrations where the options are limited or not available.

Business Central comes embedded with Power BI, and you get real-time actionable data from every business process. And there is Microsoft Power Apps too, in fact with Business Central, you can basically incorporate any Microsoft product you want to use to run your business.

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is integrated with features to provide the rock-solid data security and outstanding support for mobile devices, which are quite imperative for all types of businesses today. Ready to take the next step

On Point is present in Malta, Czech, Ghana, and Nigeria. With over 10 years of experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics products, we would love to show you what Business Central can do.

Our dynamic and vibrant team seeks to provide the best solutions to our clients. By identifying the company’s requirements, we can deliver better, more specific software solutions that fit them best.

Through the software products we offer, as well as our technical expertise and knowledge, we always ensure that our clients’ software solutions are right on point.


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