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Why Worldwide?

As a company, with one of our focuses being Dynamics 365 Business Central (one of the main ERP systems worldwide provided by Microsoft), I feel that we may not be the best ones to narrate a story as we have only been in the market for just three years. Yet, we believe that the principles determine the story to be narrated in the coming years and hopefully decades. Deeply embedded within our fundamentals is our insistence in looking beyond our shores, no matter the financial limitations, the limited time on the market or the current pandemic itself. But why even bother going international this early in our business journey?

We focus on the experience. No market is the same even though all markets have similarities. The differences would lie hidden beyond the books and articles which one may delve into when researching the market. It’s the acceptance and appreciation of such differences which will ultimately make or break a business when taking the first steps internationally,

How will this affect operations back home? These differences will inherently lead to a number of changes within the company but more importantly will trigger differences to the frame of mind with which we approach queries and problems.

The experience gathered in these different countries will force us to challenge the well-known solutions, as no solution is a perfect fit for each country and thus no solution is a perfect solution. However, these differences will ultimately force each mindset to change and solutions to be re-analysed for better.


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