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VAT4U Malta

VAT4U is Europe's first automated foreign VAT Recovery system. OnPoint has introduced this system to Maltese businesses and entities with the aim of helping them recover thousands of euros which are lost to foreign VAT.

Foreign VAT Refunds

What is the 8th Directive?

Taxable persons who are registered for VAT in Malta under article 10 of the VAT Act are enTaxable persons who are registered for VAT in Malta under article 10 of the VAT Act are entitled to reclaim their input VAT in other EU Member States.


Depending on your country of business, regulations, process and requirements for VAT refund claims may vary. Either directive 2008/09/EC, former 8th directive or directive 86/560/EEC, also known as the 13th directive, will apply depending if your company is EU or non-EU registered. Foreign VAT Refunds can be claimed by submitting a refund application through an electronic portal provided by their own tax authority to the EU Member State; the Member State of establishment.


Every year, companies lose around €10 billion in unrecovered foreign VAT worldwide. It seems Foreign VAT Refund was mostly unheard of in Malta, with very few companies making use of Directive 2008/09/EC which gives the right to EU companies to claim back the VAT incurred in other EU Countries.


2000+ VAT Rules

Cloud Based Platform

GDPR Compliant


Foreign VAT Recovery VAT4U

Europe's Leading Automated Foreign VAT Refund Tool

VAT4U is a powerful tool that integrates easily with your accounting software, programmed with over 2000 VAT rules, OCR and VIES checks to help our customers reclaim all they are entitled to while being GDPR compliant.


The VAT4U process is very straight-forward. All foreign invoices, including travelling expenses, are collected and inputted for every company using our easy-to-use online platform (no need to install software). With a directory of 2,000+ VAT rules, OCR and smart checks, it is ensured that VAT claims are then submitted with a click of a button enabling companies to receive the maximum VAT refund amount.

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