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A Jira Health Check Is a Must. Why?

As a local Gold Atlassian Partner, On Point Ltd. has recently introduced a new concept to the Maltese market, a system health check for Jira Software. We are offering JIRA system health checks to small and big companies for free. This must not be overlooked as being a critical test to one’s own work but rather putting the system on hold and analyse any gaps and suggest how the solution can be improved to be more efficient long-term.

We see many JIRA solutions that are self-implemented that are sufficient short-term solutions. However, things may be different in the long-term. Inefficiencies and risks will start to emerge and staff may grow more reluctant to work with it. At the very core of a security check lies the realisation that a system should be working for the organisation and not the other way round, and thus reviewing it is essential in order to get a better understanding of its suitability, issues and concerns.

According to an article published by the Guardian, aptly named “Hope in a time of crisis”, the word emergence is derived from the word emerge, and the author describes this as “if you were ejected from the familiar and urgently need to orient”. This definition defines the current state that we are in. We have been ejected from our day-to-day routine, from our operations, our plans and shoved into a place full of unknown. As a company, it’s very hard to forecast what will be happing in a year’s time and I believe this applies to our customers, our competitors, our suppliers and any other stakeholders within the market. On one hand, this can be frightening but on the other side, we may found solace in the very fact that we can pivot ourselves. In other words, we are at a crossroad, and it’s up to us to determine which way to go.

From a software perspective, the software solution should be providing us with correct data, which is up-to-date and detailed enough which would help us arrive at a well-informed conclusion. Moreover, behind the scenes, the company needs to be fully prepared with the right systems in place, which will support it all the way throughout the entire decision process but more importantly afterwards when decisions start to be implemented. Through a system health-check, we can put our mind at rest that the company will be supported by a system that is better oriented for the future, whatever it might hold for us.


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