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COVID-19 - Safety First

During the past weeks, Malta has registered the first cases of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) which WHO has now declared the virus as a pandemic. We are constantly monitoring the situation with authorities to make sure we take all possible preventive measures. In view of the current situation, On Point is making sure to put the safety and health of its employees and clients first. We also want to maintain the quality of our service to you as clients as it's our priority to provide unparalleled service. Should the situation worsen, we may require our employees to work from home.

Our measures to prevent COVID-19

Prevention is better than cure! Employees at On Point are encouraged to follow the below guidelines in order to minimize the spread of such virus.

  • Keeping good hygiene with alcohol rubs

  • Limiting on-site meetings to urgent ones only.

  • Using video-calls more regularly

  • Not frequenting crowded places

  • Reporting any viral symptoms immediately

Using our Customer Service Portal

We encourage our clients to use our customer service portal to report any technical issues. Our portal has two sections, one for Microsoft Dynamics Support and another for Atlassian Support. One can easily access our customer support portal, either from our website or by clicking the link below.


Needless to say, we require your collaboration during such circumstances, to maintain preventive measures likewise, keeping our health and safety a priority. We will continue to monitor the situation with close proximity and will communicate accordingly should things change.

Should you require any assistance, please contact us either via email or phone found below.


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