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Is It Time to Change the Way of Working?

Working from home is not the ultimate perfect solution.  During these situations, it is the only solution. However whilst pondering about our future, we need to make sure that we are well-grounded into reality rather than romanticising the idea of working from home.

Working from home can be as comfortable as working in your pyjamas waking at the very last minute before starting work, and difficult as trying to keep the kids busy and not bouncing on the sofa and drawing on carpets. Two different realities while trying to maintain some hint of professionalism during working hours.

What is the solution? The truth is that there is no solution except for the very fact that we need to rethink everything from scratch. Are employers expecting employees to continue with a full 8-hour stretch of work? Although this is an old concept, many companies are already allowing employees to work flexible hours. The option to work from home, however, has been unquestionably thrown out of the window. We believe a mix of both should be adapted as such options make employees feel more trusted and potentially perform better during working hours. Companies need to start looking into such options during this period. 

  • What are the tasks that need to be carried out?

  • How should employee performance be gauged?

  • When and how are important meetings going to be held?

In a nutshell, this concept of working from home needs to be reconsidered. There is no clear answer to all questions. This is what makes every company so unique and different, even though they might offer similar services. We believe that it's time to change the way of working, where being backed up by innovative solutions can help companies track employees and plan ahead tasks. With better technology, the top management can make better decisions which are of utmost importance.

Companies need a platform which can transform with its processes and growth simultaneously, rather than being limited and rigid to change. However, a flexible mindset is needed as much as flexibility in an innovative software platform.

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