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Jet Reports: Elevate Your Real-Time Reporting to Unprecedented Heights

jet report

According to Inet Soft, a renowned authority in data intelligence, Real-time reporting is the continuous data gathering and quick distribution of the most recent information to end users as situations develop.

With it, managers are empowered to act quickly thanks to this real-time strategy, especially while working under pressure. For Financial and Business Reporting, Jet Reports provides an effective real-time reporting solution completely integrated into the often-used Excel platform, which is essential for finance professionals.

This article will examine the fundamentals of real-time reporting, explain why it is necessary for businesses, and show how Jet Reports is a key player in making real-time reporting possible.

Why Does Your Organisation Need Real-Time Reporting?

  • Real-time Reporting: These tools are vital resources in today's dynamic corporate environment. They signify the beginning of a data-driven world where well-informed choices are prioritised.

  • Instantaneous Insights: Live reporting catapults your business. You are no longer limited by previous data and have immediate access to key indicators, providing decision-makers with the most recent data.

  • Proactive Decision-Making: Real-time data's quickness facilitates proactive decision-making. To get a competitive edge, you can predict market changes, spot new trends, and instantly change your strategy.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Business success depends on efficiency. Operations become more efficient thanks to real-time reporting, which also allows for quick resource allocation and process optimisation.

How Jet Reports Helps in Real-Time Reporting?

Jet Reports enables a seamless integration of data, utilising its Excel add-in to provide reporting operations. This dynamic combination enables businesses to gain a competitive edge by skillfully utilising the potential of real-time data. With a variety of functions, the Jet Reports Excel add-in offers a flexible approach to real-time reporting, including:

  • Real-Time Data Access: Jet Reports can access real-time data from your connected sources. This means that as your data changes, the reports can reflect these changes instantly. Providing a real-time view of your business operations.

  • Jet Reports' user-friendly interface allows easy designing of reports. Users may design customised reports that contain the precise data they want. These reports can be instantly updated to include the most recent information.

  • Automating report generation is possible using Jet Reports. Real-time data is always accessible when needed, thanks to the ability to plan reports to run at predetermined intervals or in reaction to specified events.

jet report


Jet Reports is a needed tool in your drive for real-time reporting perfection, thanks to its seamless integration of data and Excel add-in capabilities. Jet Reports enables your business to maximise the value of real-time data by providing direct access to your ERP system, real-time data updates, and user-friendly report design.

We understand the importance of real-time reporting at onpoint and are here to help you every step of the way. Our expertise knowledge, setup support, and enlightening demos will ensure a seamless and efficient transition to real-time reporting. Don't pass up the chances that real-time reporting may provide for your company. Use Jet Reports in conjunction with onpoint to catapult your company towards a data-driven future where informed decisions lead the way to success.

Contact us now to learn more about how onpoint may assist you in beginning this revolutionary path toward real-time reporting excellence. It is critical to the future prosperity of your business.

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