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Jira Software Demystified: Unveiling its Key Features for Project Success


Are you looking for a powerful project management system that will change the way you handle tasks, challenges, and workflows? You don't need to search any further! In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Jira Software, a versatile platform jam-packed with useful features designed to speed up your project management process and boost productivity.

According to Valiantys, a Fortune 500 firm accomplished +30% productivity with over 15,000 users, in only a few months. Accomplished after migrating from Rally to Jira Software. Simply put, Atlassian's Jira features are meticulously developed to increase productivity, improve communication, and encourage a sense of accomplishment among your teams.

Companies That Use Jira Software

Imagine having a game-changing software development tool like Jira Software at your disposal. It's tailor-made for agile teams, empowering you to streamline your processes and achieve remarkable results effortlessly. With Jira, you can build plans across multiple teams and projects, ensuring smooth coordination and collaboration. The best part? Jira is trusted by about 189,586 companies worldwide, so you know you're in good company!

Cancer Research UK's (CRUK's) web development process improved once they adopted Jira's flexibility, agile boards, and user-friendly design. The end result? Increased productivity and a more cohesive approach to project tracking.

Similarly, Celonis, a pioneer in process mining, experienced a significant increase in productivity and innovation just months after migrating to Jira Software Cloud. The built-in scale, reliability, and infrastructure of Jira facilitated seamless collaboration, accelerating deployment and driving success for the company.

With Jira, you can enhance your team's agility, productivity, and collaboration, enabling your organisation to thrive in the dynamic world of software development.

What are Jira Software Features?

1. Visual dashboards and reports to display critical insights.

Visual dashboards and reports are a strong and intuitive feature that distinguishes Jira Software from other project management applications. These dynamic dashboards provide teams with a clear picture of how their project is progressing, making it easy to track key insights and make data-driven choices.

Jira's visual dashboards also allow for cross-team visibility, allowing project managers and stakeholders to obtain insight into many projects at the same time. This capability simplifies resource allocation and detects possible bottlenecks across various projects. It keeps everyone up to date on project status, ensuring that everyone is on the same page when it comes to project completion.

2. Integration

The smooth integration of diverse tools and systems is critical for teams and organisations working on complicated projects. They require a system that allows them to easily integrate their favourite tools without disturbing their established processes. Jira's powerful integration features are intended to improve cooperation and efficiency throughout your whole ecosystem.

So you can use Jira Software in conjunction with popular technologies like GitHub, Jenkins, and Slack. Tasks commits, builds, and alerts all sync automatically, giving real-time updates and keeping everyone informed. In fact, Jira Software's integrations adhere to industry standards, ensuring that your data is secure and confidential.

3. Issue Tracking System for Task and Bug Management.

A solid bug or issue management application, such as Jira, provides your team with a comprehensive picture of all the items in your backlog, including bugs and project tasks. It has a robust issue-tracking system for efficient task and bug management. Jira allows you to effortlessly create and manage tasks and problems while keeping all relevant information in one place.

Assign projects to team members, establish deadlines, and easily track progress. Whether you're managing large projects or dealing with software difficulties, Jira's user-friendly design and extensive capabilities let you remain on top of things. The issue-tracking tool also adds transparency and visibility to the activities of your team. To track progress, you may examine the status of problems at any time and build custom dashboards and reports.

4. Automation For Streamlined Processes.

Jira's automation engine simplifies and streamlines complicated procedures, making it extremely user-friendly. As Jira's automation handles high-priority items entering the workflow and fixes defects that arise during work, enforcing clear process standards becomes simple. Jira's automation ensures activities go seamlessly through the process, freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on what truly counts—delivering extraordinary outcomes – with Agile project management's stated standards in place. The drag-and-drop automation tool adds a nice touch to the overall experience, making it enjoyable and straightforward. You can easily organize and manage project parts with Jira's user-friendly automation. Accept the power of Jira's automation and see your workflow evolve into a smooth, efficient, and pleasurable road to project completion.

5. Customisable Workflows To Fit Specific Requirements

With a well-optimised workflow, you will not only increase the productivity of your team, but you will also have a favourable influence on project costs by reducing unnecessary inefficiencies. Utilise the flexibility of Kanban and Scrum boards, which are often used by Agile and DevOps teams, to efficiently visualise and control your workflow. Customise the boards to meet the needs of your team and watch as they ship quicker, deliver continuous improvement, and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Start using Jira

Unleash the full potential of your team's productivity and success with Jira Software, the ultimate game-changer in project management. Say goodbye to scattered processes and embrace the transformative power of Jira.

Fortune 500 firms have experienced a remarkable 30% increase in productivity with Jira, making it the go-to platform for 189,586 companies worldwide. Embrace the future of project management and supercharge your team's productivity with Jira Software!

Get in touch with Onpoint today, and we would help you with all your Jira needs.


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