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Save the 68 keyboard shortcuts for Business Central!

shortcuts for Business Central!

Why spend a lot of time navigating through the system when there are shortcuts that can make it quicker and easier to use Business Central? Trying to remember all of them at once is really hard, so we've created a cheat sheet you can look at whenever you need it.

Basic Shortcuts You Can't Do Without

Alt + ↓: Expand list / search field value.

Alt + ↑: Show field label or column header. If the column contains a validation error, an error message will appear when you press the shortcut.

Alt + → : Find more information

Alt + Q (or Ctrl + Alt + Q on macOS) to open the 'Tell me what you want to do' window. It helps you find a page, action on the page, report, or article in the documentation.

Alt + O: Add a note to the selected element

Alt + N: Create a new entry

Alt + T: Open Settings

Tab: Move to the next control element on the page (actions, fields, buttons…)

Shift + Tab: Move to the previous control on the page

Enter: Enable or go to the element that is selected

Ctrl + F1: Open help for the page

Ctrl + F5: Refresh Business Central

F5: Refresh open page

Esc: Close page or list


Lists of Other Useful Shortcuts

Home (macOS: Fn + ←): Move to the first field in the row

Ctrl + Home: Select the first line in the list

End (macOS: Fn + →): Move to the last field in the row

Ctrl + End: Select the last line in the list

Page Up (macOS: Fn + ↑): Move the display of rows above the currently displayed one

Page Down (macOS: Fn + ↓): Move the array of rows below the currently displayed one

↑: Move up one field

↓: Move down one space

→ : Move one field to the right in the row

← : Move one field to the left in a row

Enter: Open the list that is associated with the field

Ctrl + Enter: Move to the next element outside the list


When Ctrl + V is not Enough

Ctrl + Home (Fn + Ctrl + ←): Select the first line in the list

Ctrl + End (Fn + Ctrl + →): Select the last line in the list

Ctrl + click (macOS: Cmd + click): Expand the row selection by the selected row

Shift + click: Expand the selection of rows by the selected row and all previous rows

Shift + ↑: Expand the selection, include the line above the selected line

Shift + ↓: Expand the selection, include the line below the selected line

Ctrl + ↑ (macOS: Ctrl + Cmd + ↑): Move up one line and keep selection on the current line

Ctrl + ↓ (macOS: Ctrl + Cmd + ↓): Move one line down and keep the selection on the current line

Ctrl + Spacebar (macOS: Ctrl + Cmd + Spacebar): Expand the selection of lines by the selected line

Ctrl + A: Select all rows

Ctrl + C (macOS: Cmd + C): Copy selected lines

Ctrl + V (macOS: Cmd + V): Paste selected lines

F8: Copy the field value from the line above the currently selected field and paste


Shortcuts For Easier Searching and Filtering of Lists

F3: Activate the search field

Shift + F3: Open/close the filter pane

Alt + F3: Turn on filtering the list according to the value of the currently selected field

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + F3: Reset filters

Ctrl + Enter: Return to the list from the filter pane


Shortcuts For Efficient Navigation in Cards and Documents

Alt + F6: Expand the selected tab

Alt + N: Open the page and create a new entry

Alt + Shift + N: Close the page and open a new one to create a record

Alt + Shift + W: Open the current tab or document in a new window

Ctrl + Enter: Save and close the page

Ctrl + ↓: Open another record

Ctrl + Delete: Delete a line in documents and worksheets

How to Navigate in a Report Preview

↓: Go down the page

↑: Go to the top of the page

→ : Move to the right when the page is zoomed

← : Move left once the page is zoomed

Ctrl + 0 (macOS: Cmd + 0): Fit the page size to the display size

Ctrl + Home (macOS: Cmd + Home): Go to the first page of the report

Ctrl + End (macOS: Cmd + End): Go to the last page of the report


Save Time on Your Calendar

Ctrl + Home: Open calendar (if the calendar is closed)

Ctrl + Home: Open the current month and day (if the calendar is open)

Ctrl + → (macOS: Cmd + →): Move to the next day

Ctrl + ↑ (macOS: Cmd + ↑): Move to previous week but same day

Ctrl + ↓ (macOS: Cmd + ↓): Move to next week, but same day

Enter: Select date.

Ctrl + End: Close the calendar and delete the current date

Esc: Close the calendar and keep the current date

t: Insert date "today."

w: Insert date "working date."


An ERP system saves you time not only with its shortcuts but mainly with its features. You can find out which ones in our next article.


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