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Streamlining Planning & Budgeting with PowerBI & Aimplan

Efficient planning and budgeting are integral components necessary for successful business management. Organizations should possess reliable tools enabling them to collect and analyze accurately in making informed decisions derived through visual representation of organizational performances using significant platforms such as Power BI (a top-notch intelligence platform) with integrated features merged with powerful solutions like Aimplan (for planning & proper execution). This article expounds on the potential benefits of integrating Aimplan & Power BI to enhance planning & budgeting efforts.

  1. Integration of Aimplan with PowerBI: Robust data visualization capabilities are just one aspect of PowerBI integration benefits embedded into Aimplan. The combined tool offers a comprehensive financial analysis platform for planning, execution, and decision-making processes. Users can integrate seamlessly through data importation while analyzing information and collaborating effortlessly on forecasting tasks.

  2. Interactive Dashboards and Visualizations: PowerBI’s interactive dashboard creation offers the latest trend in dynamic data visualization techniques to interpret key organization performance indices in real-time, enabling stakeholders (participants/decision makers) timely insights for prompt action based on analyzed reports. Integration of Aimplan with PowerBI allows you to leverage the powerful visualization capabilities of PowerBI with your budgeted figures.

  3. Forecasting & Scenario Analysis: With Aimplan integrated with PowerBI, organizations can carry out more effective scenario analysis. Users can model various scenarios, adjust assumptions, and instantly observe the impact on budget projections. This integrated solution empowers organizations to make informed decisions based on accurate forecasts and respond swiftly to changing market conditions.

  4. Mobile Access and Reporting: With PowerBI’s mobile app, users can easily access their planning and budgeting reports while on the move, providing them with real-time insights into their financial performance. Additionally, Aimplan’s integration with Power BI ensures that reports and visualizations are optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to keep track of important metrics and collaborate with stakeholders at any time and from any location.

Let’s dive into how Aimplan has transformed the planning & budgeting process from an excruciating process into a simpler one.

What is Aimplan?

The next-generation SaaS solution for planning, forecasting, financial reporting, and master data management extends the Microsoft PowerBI platform.

How does it work?

There are three critical components that make the aimplan solution. 1. Administrative UI 2. Azure SQL Database 3. Aimplan Visual

The Administrative UI is the portal where all administrative duties are carried such as; 1. Adding users that will make inputs to the budget 2. Creating storage tables 3. Creating several scenarios. Scenarios can be translated as budget versions, meaning multiple entries can be made for the different budget versions

The Aimplan Planning & Reporting Visual is where inputs can be made, which is then saved in Azure SQL Database.

In summary, end-users make input to their budget directly in PowerBI Service, with each input being saved directly in Azure, and these inputs can be recalled back into the same PowerBI report for other reporting purposes.

Also, Aimplan integrates seamlessly with your already existing data model. Therefore, eliminating the need for data duplication completely. For example, your chart of accounts resides in Dynamics 365, there is no need to duplicate this data. PowerBI reads the chart from Dynamics 365 & you create a relationship with your storage table.

Irrespective of wherever your data is, performance is still the same. Below are tables from an Excel file which is what we will be working on. Planning is to be done per location.

Consider this simple scenario, Mr X, who is the C.E.O. of Company Y, comes to me and said, Hey, Abdullah, revenue for the whole organization last year was $10,000,000. Let’s set a target of $15,000,000 for this year & break this target per location/branch.

This would have been a long tedious task, but Aimplan said, Hey Abdullah, let’s make life easier for you. Let’s go see how it has made life easier.

In conclusion, the integration of Aimplan with Power BI has revolutionized the planning and budgeting process, transforming it from an arduous task into a streamlined and efficient operation. By leveraging the robust data visualization capabilities of Power BI and the comprehensive planning and execution features of Aimplan, organizations can make informed decisions based on accurate forecasts and real-time insights. The interactive dashboards and visualizations enable stakeholders to promptly act on analyzed reports, while the mobile access and reporting capabilities ensure that users can stay connected and make informed decisions from anywhere. With Aimplan and PowerBI, organizations can optimize their planning and budgeting efforts, leading to enhanced financial performance and better adaptability in a dynamic business landscape.


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