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What does the new version of Business Central bring?

Microsoft Business Central

Business Central v.23 brings several new features. In the second wave of the update, Microsoft introduces functions that will make work easier for businesses and speed up project implementation. What are these features?

Easier Sharing within the Platform

Configuring OneDrive integration gives administrators new options to control which documents they want to share across a team or business. All shared files are now stored on OneDrive, making them easily accessible, with everyone having a unique link with specific permissions. This means you no longer need to print and hand invoices to colleagues - you can now send files directly to Microsoft Teams and Outlook with a few clicks.

Editing in Excel in a Few Clicks

Perhaps more than saving space, you're interested in saving time. Then y,ou will appreciate the updates related to Excel editing. If you enable OneDrive for System Features, you can easily edit a file in Excel for the web, and it will then be copied to your Business Central folder on OneDrive. The advantage is high user-friendliness - all adjustments can be made in a few clicks.

Links Shared via Teams now have Previews

Updates within Teams will also save you time. Not only do you share files without having to open the Teams app and click between windows – the link now shows a preview. After sending the file, a compact card is generated, allowing you to immediately see what the file contains. When sending, you choose whether you want to share only the link or attach the mentioned preview as well.

Layout of the Invoice and Report According to the Client's Needs

If your customer had special requirements for the documents sent, you previously had to deal with it through a Microsoft partner. It was not possible to just open Word and edit everything at once. With the new update, you can now handle it yourself. You can set your own document layout. You just need to define, for example, a sales invoice or "Sales order confirmation" and design a template or dynamically add text. Not only that, but you can then easily use the template for other customers and reports.

You also have an overview of your templates via the drop-down menu. With this feature, you can pick from multiple templates for the same set of report data, such as an Excel layout, and different requirements—such as meeting scheduling, mail merge, or board meeting recording.

Switch between companies and instances without confusion

Does your company have branches abroad, or do you need an overview of sister companies? Until now, you had to switch between environments for each location Now, you'll see your available companies across environments with just one link. But don't worry, you won't get lost in a sea of data. You can differentiate between companies and instances using a coloured badge and a six-character label (previously, you had to make do with three).

More news and plans for D365 Business Central

Microsoft makes updates based on the specific needs of its users. This time is no different. Customer feedback has led to improvements in reporting and enhancements in finance and the supply chain. In addition, it is gradually making its services available to other countries and regions. The goal is to make Business Central available in more than half of all countries around the world.


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