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POS software solution for any industry and any customer

Designed for your business

Our high-quality, cost-effective and highly configurable software solutions help retailers, hospitality and forecourt businesses globally.

Many retailers use a different IT system for each part of their retail business. A sales solution, a separate ERP, a CRM software, Excel files to manage vendors, a software for inventory management… the result? Costly integrations, unclear data, lots of manual work, platforms that don t communicate properly, and no visibility on the customer journey.

Different Shops,

One Solution.

Whatever your retail industry, size or target market LS Central meets your needs. Understanding the differences between varying business models, wholesale, distribution, retail, online, offline, marketplace, or any combination, enables us to provide you with the best solutions to cater for your demands and necessities.

Why LS Retail?

Unified commerce software solutions and POS Systems

One centralized software system to manage front to back business activity.

Seamless customer experiences anytime, anywhere

Provide an outstanding customer experience across all your sales channels to ensure their loyalty and keep them engaged in business.

Innovative technology and meaningful data

Be equipped with the innovative business software required to foresee rapidly changing consumer habits.

The Stores

Enhance your staff’s performance, offer exceptional customer service and increase sales and loyalty. Our software solution can help you:

  • Effectively manage your staff
  • Having the right products in-store
  • Increase your revenue with up-selling and cross-selling tools directly from your POS
  • Reduce stock-outs
  • Sell more and more efficiently
  • Reduce fraud and shrinkage
  • Minimize staff training times
  • Increase loyalty across the channels

Chains, outlets and booths

Have complete control throughout your chain. All your products, prices offers and promotions can be centralized in one platform to cater across all locations and e-commerce.

Our software solutions provides:
  • Control over your own locations and franchisees
  • Stock/ticket insight and overview 
  • Central administration of products and process
  • Cost-effective purchasing and replenishment
  • Flexibility to add POS and deploy new stores/booths
  • Optimal allocation of items and products 
  • Performance measurements per locations
  • Central management of campaigns, special offers and promotions. 

Grow your business in the most profitable direction by gaining total control.

  • Earn control over your business
  • Diminish risks through the procedures and KPIs driving the business reducing room for human error
  • Administer and keep an eye on the whole value chain
  • Expand your business into different industries and geographies
  • Easily access and manage your business wherever you are through our cloud-enabled software solutions.
  • Be proactive when facing change to gain a competitive advantage

Grasp your financial data to analyze it with one combined view of information.

  • Acquire accurate insights regarding your whole operations, including
  • Total visibility of all transaction from POS to accounting
  • Stock management and control 
  • Store performance reports 
  • Sales reports and statistics
  • Accounts management of payable and receivables 
  • Basket and profit & loss analysis
  • Elaborate balance sheet analysis tools
  • Reduced system management costs 

Trusted by industry leaders 

LS Retail is an industry-ready POS solution,

LS Retail Restaurant POS Malta
LS Retail Industy POS
LS Retail Pharmacy POS
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